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At Yannick.work, we provide comprehensive solutions to elevate your business through expert financing, development, and training services.

Our Menu

Spicy Tuna Roll

Fresh tuna mixed with spicy mayo, cucumber, and avocado wrapped in seaweed and rice.


Salmon Sashimi

Thinly sliced fresh salmon served with a side of soy sauce and wasabi.


Vegetarian Nigiri

Assorted vegetable nigiri including avocado, cucumber, and pickled radish.


Dragon Roll

Eel and cucumber inside, topped with avocado and drizzled with eel sauce.


Green Tea Mochi

Sweet rice cake filled with green tea flavored ice cream.


Matcha Latte

Rich and creamy matcha latte made with premium green tea powder.


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Our Courses

Introduction to Sushi Making

Learn the basics of sushi making, including rice preparation, fish selection, and rolling techniques.


Advanced Sushi Techniques

Master advanced sushi techniques, including sashimi slicing, nigiri shaping, and creative roll making.


Sushi Plating and Presentation

Discover the art of sushi plating and presentation to create visually stunning dishes.


Sushi Business Management

Learn the essentials of managing a sushi restaurant, from inventory to customer service.


Sustainable Sushi Practices

Understand sustainable practices in sushi making, focusing on eco-friendly sourcing and waste reduction.


Sushi and Sake Pairing

Explore the art of pairing sushi with sake to enhance the dining experience.


Chef Yannick

Chef Yannick is the culinary mastermind behind our restaurant. With over 20 years of experience, he has honed his skills in traditional and modern sushi techniques. His passion for Japanese cuisine is evident in every dish he creates, blending authenticity with innovation. Chef Yannick has been featured in numerous culinary magazines and has won several awards for his exceptional sushi creations.

Our Philosophy

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